Pašticada – Beef Stew

This stewed beef dish is another traditional Croatian dish.

I wrote 2 recipes for you – 1 low-histamine and 1 original recipes for your friends and family. Both are delicous!!!

Poppy pastry

You will love this poppy pastry! The best thing about it is that you online need 5 min to mix the ingredients and just wait for it to bake 😀

Carob pastry

Forget about missing cocoa if you’re histamine intolerant. Carob is the best substitute for it and is low-histamine. This is my mom’s recipe for a carob pastry. I promise you will love it!

Homemade low-histamine Breadcrumbs

Buying breadcrumbs from the supermarket is a no-go with histamine intolerance. Those packaged ones are usually made out of white bread with yeast and are full of preservatives. This is how to make breadcrumbs at home from a bread you usually eat. For me, that is yeast-free spelt bread which I buy in Bio quality….

“Proja” – Croatian homemade yeast-free corn bread

Croatian Proja is a bread that reminds me of home.<3 It used to be popular in times of widespread poverty, mostly before the 1950s, but is now a common everyday meal. So many people with histamine intolerance are not sure which bread they can eat. I, luckily, live in Germany where it is no problem…

Oatmeal bars

My favorite snack to-go ❤ These low-histamine bars are so easy to make. You literally need 10 minutes to prepare the mixture and then just watch and smell them bake 😀 WHAT DO YOU NEED? 200 g    Oatmeal 50 g      Rice Syrup (or any other) 25 g      Butter or plant based butter 20…

Swiss Chard Lentil Curry

What do you need? 250 g     Swiss Chard 250 g     Red Lentils (Some lists say they are high in histamine, some say low; I can tolerate them perfectly; please try for yourself) 2             Onions 1             Red Pepper 4             Big Carrots 4             Garlic Cloves 2             Pieces of Ginger (2-3 cm) 2 tbs      Sesame 2 tbs      Coconut…